Ettore Bugatti was one of the great racing car designers of the 1920s .After World War I Bugatti continued to build and race cars. The big break came in 1921 when a 5 car team of Bugattis entered the Voiturette GP at Brescia and came home with the first four places. This lead to many new orders for the "Brescia " model and the establishment of Bugatti as a manufacturer of racing cars for private entrants. After early success the cars were now being beaten by newer models from other manufacturers such as Fiat which sported supercharging.  In 1924 he designed and built the car which made him a legend, the Type 35.

Unfortunately, his stubbornness and conservatism held him back in the following years. With religious conviction he continued to use solid axles and cable operated drum brakes at a time when the competition had moved forward with independent suspension and hydraulic brakes. It's a testament to Bugatti's talent that his 'old fashioned' Grand Prix cars were still relatively competitive.

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