There are two models currently in production or developement. The first completed vehicle is a re-creation of the 1920's Bugatti Type 35, called the Molsheim Type 35...see links above for more information. This is a beautiful hand-built car that is constructed using virtually all brand new components throughout, including the engine!

Just Classic Cars are exclusive retailers of the Molesheim Type 35, and the first of theseType 35's was completed in June 2015, and is now on display in our showrooms in Lincoln. For much more detailed information of the Molsheim Type 35, click the "Models" link above for that car. For detailed information on the specification of the Molsheim Type 35, click the "Specification" link above for that car.

The second vehicle (which is currently in the developement stage) is a detailed re-creation inspired by the ultra-rare 1930’s Bugatti Type 59 open two-seater racing car, of which only 8 were ever built (see original Type 59's in the photos below, and a artists impression above). Our “Bugatti-inspired” re-creation of a Type 59 will be fully "road equipped" and feature a custom-built chassis, super detailed one-piece body section, "straight six" 3.0 litre front engine/rear wheel drive configuration, stainless steel “Horseshoe” radiator, Andre Hartford style friction dampers, period "Aero" screens, leather bonnet straps, leather upholstery, outside handbrake lever mechanism, period instruments and gauges, hand made 4 spoke steering wheel, authentic 19” Bugatti Type 59 “piano wire” spoked wheels with 80 radial spokes per wheel, Blockley 19" 6-ply tyres, and many other authentic looking features and details that will complete the package (please see the “Specification” page for more details)

It was during early 2015 that we decided to invest in the development of a second re-creation to compliment our forthcoming Type 59. The model chosen was the Bugatti Type 35, one if the most successful and iconic racers of the 1920' and 30's. Named the Molsheim Type 35 (after the builders of the car, Molsheim Motor Company), this re-creation features reproduction 8 spoke / 19" Bugatti-style wheels, shod with Blockley cross-ply tyres (including a side-mounted spare wheel), reproduction 4-spoke Bugatti steering wheel which is hand-finished in walnut, an engine-turned alloy dash, period "Bugatti" instrumentation, leather bonnet straps, leather upholstery, outside handbrake, aeroscreens, tonneau cover and many other authentic-looking features and details. We intend to build just four of these bespoke vehicles, and each of our Type 35's will be handmade to order, in the customer's own choice of colour. 

Just Classic Cars of Lincoln launched the first of its Molsheim Type 35’s at the Lincolnshire Show on the 24th & 25th of June 2015.  The vehicle is now displayed at Just Classic Cars prestigious car showrooms on Outer Circle Road in Lincoln. 

When the Type 59 finally reaches production, each re-creation will be hand-built to order, and will be available in a range of colours to suit the individual customer. With the value of an original Bugatti Type 59 now estimated at over £5 million pounds, our Type 59 recreation will provide 1930’s Bugatti-style motoring, at a fraction of an original Bugatti's price tag!  Here is a link to an excellent Bugatti resources site.

We will be adding various photos and details to this site as the build progresses..... Watch this space!

Further updates to the launch date will be added to this site shortly.

For more information, please call Glenn at Just Classic Cars, Telephone 01522 246774 or 07920 004027 (leave a message, if no immediate reply)