Specification of the Molsheim Type 35


                       As exclusive dealers for the Molsheim Type 35, It is our pleasure to introduce you to this fabulous Bugatti-inspired recreation of the famous Type 35 boat-tail racer from the 1920’s.       

A Molsheim Type 35 not only evokes the feel, but the pride in ownership, and the pleasure of real 1920’s style motoring.

These cars will provide the discerning owner with a hand-made machine of unsurpassed quality and authenticity. From the evocative “Boat Tail” to the correct 19” wheels.....this car is every inch a “Classic”

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Molsheim Type 35 specification is as follows:



...and finally, to really get you into the spirit, there will be two leather flying helmets and two pairs of leather flying goggles presented to the new owners of each car ordered (excluding ex-demonstartor cars) AND a custom-made fully fitted indoor car cover, in sky blue, with large "Bugatti" logos on the flanks, worth over £500, and all free of charge!................(an outdoor cover may also be specified)


A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the point of order, before a build commences.

Due to ongoing development, specification and options may change at our discretion, but any changes will always be to the betterment of the car, and to the advantage of the buyer!

Technical info: Chassis, Engine and Drivetrain........

Prior to commencement of each build, each chassis is meticulously prepared to show-car standards by the renowned and highly respected chassis restorers..Flatlands Engineering of Kings Lynn (www.flatlandsengineering.co.uk). Preparation includes media blasting, brand new floorpans, new control cables and pipework etc. All ancillaries on the rolling chassis are replaced with brand new items, including the front axle beam, shock absorbers, all brake components (drums or discs), steering box and steering components, seals, bearings, track rod ends, master cylinder, brake pipes, bushes, ball joints etc. Each chassis is then given a final inspection before being epoxy coated in a high-gloss black finish, prior to fitting of the bodywork.

A photographic file is presented to each owner, showing the fully finished chassis prior to the vehicle's assembly.

Every Molsheim Type 35 is fitted with a 100% brand new 1641cc “Twin-Port” engine manufactured by SSP in the UK to ISO 9002 standards, and is supplied to us by the world renowned classic VW specialists "VW Heritage". Unlike some vehicle manufacturers, we do NOT fit remanufactured engines, NOR do we fit exchange units…simply put, everything fitted is 100% brand new with zero miles!

Additionally, each "turn key" engine comes complete with all brand new ancillaries and components, including electrics, starter motor, alternator, twin carbs, tinware and clutch etc, and for added peace-of-mind, each engine is covered by a 2 year manufacturers warranty (Terms and Conditions apply).

Finally, we fit all brand new fuel lines, brake lines, wiring harnesses, batteries, fuel tanks and exhaust systems, to complete our bespoke chassis packages.

As you will have already gathered by now, the Molsheim Type 35 is virtually a brand new car!


Bodywork and upholstery........

The high-gloss GRP (louvered) bodywork is available in a choice of colours.

For the interior trim, we provide a selection of leather hide samples, so each customer may choose their prefered upholstery at the point of order.


Order to Delivery..........

Each order will require a 25% non-refundable deposit before the build commences.

Bodywork colour and leather upholstery colour must be selected at the point of order, as we cannot change the specification once the build commences.

As each Molsheim Type 35 is handmade, it can take between 3 and 4 months to complete. Because we strive to achieve such an authentic and high quality finish, our scrupulous attention to detail is of more importance to us, than trying to reduce waiting times by cutting corners!

It may take a little longer to produce such a beautifully detailed product, but we think the finished article is well worth it!

We are proud of the standards we set, and the cars we produce, and we want our customers to share in that pride, so that our customers enjoy owning and using such unique vehicles for years to come.

Because of this attention to detail, not only will this virtually new, hand-built vehicle provide years of reliable motoring, but it will be a joy to own and a pleasure to drive.

Considering the limited number of these vehicles that will be built, you will not only enjoy the exclusivity of ownership, but you will own a car that can only appreciate in value.

 Molsheim Motor Company...“Recreating iconic cars from a bygone era”

*Footnote: The demonstrator pictured is shown fitted with genuine 1920’s Marchal headlamps. These are NOT the headlamps that will be fitted to completed cars. Completed cars will be supplied with 7” chrome headlamps that comply with current vehicle construction standards and current MOT requirements. Other than the Marchal headlamps, the vehicle you order, will be identical to our demonstrator shown in the pictures above.

For more information, please call Glenn at Just Classic Cars, Telephone 01522 246774 or 07704 570044